• Candidates

    • Do I have to pay to use your service?

      No, the service is completely free for candidate users.

    • I applied on a job offer, but I haven't received a response, what's going on?

      The company's recruitment team is notified when you send your application. If they consider that your application meets their criteria, they can then contact you directly at the email address configured in your account. If you do not receive a response, your profile may not meet the employer's expectations.

  • Employers

    • Do I have to pay to use your service?

      Yes and no. Some services are free:

      - Posting job offers is free
      - Adding your organization in our directory. For now, you can detail some basic information there. Eventually, you will also be able to add personalized content, such as your company’s achievements and more.
      - You can activate the spontaneous application reception module (available on the public page of your organization).

    • Je représente plusieurs organisations, est-ce que je peux tout gérer au même endroit?

      Oui. Vous pouvez créer plusieurs organisations représentant soit différentes entreprises ou différents départements au sein de votre entreprise.

    • Can several people manage the same organization?

      Yes. If you own an organization, you can add admins to it. Admins of an organization can manage jobs and view applications.

      You can also transfer ownership of an organization to another administrator.

    • What happens when my job offer expires?

      The job posting is automatically reset to draft status. You can then re-publish it on the site or delete it.

    • Can I put my job offer at the top of the list?

      At the moment, the feature does not exist, but there are plans to add it shortly.

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